Thursday, November 8, 2007

Welcome to the Deal-Seeking Diva Blog!

Hello everyone! This is my first blog post and I am so excited! I hope to blog often and include deals and coupons on the internet for common household items, kids and adult clothing deals, special sales, fun web sites, free giveaways, etc. I will most often test all of these deals and coupons myself and will use my blog to let you know how it all worked out. If you think of anything I should add, please let me know.

I will start with was adventurous! I took the kids to Kiddie Kandids (see the picture on the left) to get the girls' Christmas pictures taken. At Kiddie Kandids,, they have lots of coupons (like a free 8X10 picture) and picture layout ideas. If you go, the receipt offers you a chance to do a short telephone customer service survey. I did that and got a free code for another free 8X10 sheet. I always visit the Internet before I go get I don't miss out on any good deals. Later tonight, I will order additional prints and Christmas cards from Right now, you will automatically get up to 30 percent off your order!

Speaking of getting percent off your order, a few days ago, I was able to get the girls' Christmas outfits for really cheap. I went to The Children's Place,, to get them and they were on sale (!) and I had a coupon for 20 percent off (Online code is NMS97 or HMNM97). If you check the Web site a few times a week, you can catch the sales or you can sign up for and they will send you customized daily deals everyday from your favorite stores straight to your inbox.

A few other good places to look for deals include: This Web site offers daily deals on the internet for anything from sporting goods to computer equipment to clothing. Check back daily for updates This Web site (sponsored by Parenting magazine) has fun ideas and new kids products each day. It might not all be on sale, but it is definitely a fun site to visit. This Web site has cool freebies. All you have to do is click on the link and get your freebies...I have been using this for a while and haven't had any spam or anything else. And, I have gotten some pretty cool stuff in the mail! This Web site has free samples of new products from Walmart. I have gotten free food, deodorant, diapers, razors, etc. This Web site has many coupons and deals...but the coolest thing is the Target Coupon generator. It has tons of Target coupons that you can pick, print and redeem! This blog offers many ways to save money. It's innovative and fun to read. This is another freebie Web site offering samples and free stuff. Visit daily for updated items. This Web site offers great advice to saving money, spending less, getting rid of debt, etc. My brother-in-law, Jared, has a fun blog to read. He updates quite often and has fun pictures, computer info, deals, etc.

And finally, my new favorite blog is Every day, the Web site offers fun prizes you can win (with no spam or new long distance coverage) just by entering. All contests are legitimate and have really cool prizes.

I will keep these deals coming! Enjoy!

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